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John Stephens’ commentary on Nov. 25 (“Photovoltaic power plant a smart choice”) suggested that the Napa Pipe property be used for a photovoltaic power plant instead of high-density housing.

The Napa County Green Party agrees, but takes this a step further.

The county Green Party supports Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), Assembly Bill 117 (passed in 2002), which allows local governments their own energy choices for their communities.

We could chose to replace ozone-damaging fossil fuel energy sources with various renewable clean-energy sources for Napa County customers.

We would be owning and selecting our own renewable energy.

We could use the Napa Pipe site for a CCA, creating a multiple energy source infrastructure, such as photovoltaic panel array, access to a methane gas station for vehicles (instead of fossil fuels), and a wind energy distribution center.

CCAs are a progressive approach to solving some of our climate change problems. In an economic recessionary period, they create jobs, lower energy costs and give control of rate-setting to the customers.

Across the river from Napa Pipe is the Carneros region, where wind is the usual state of affairs. Windmills could generate the energy and send it to the distribution center at the Napa Pipe site.

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Plans are under way to drill underneath the Napa River to bring recycled water to the freshwater-starved Carneros hills. This infrastructure could bring back wind energy (electrons) to the new CCA.

The Bay Area is “amping up” to join all counties to CCAs. Napa needs to engage the process and bring CCA options to customers, because it will mean a better clean-energy future for us all.

We need to seize this moment and turn the Napa Pipe housing fiasco into a CCA site.

Chris Malan / County councilmember, Napa County Green Party


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