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Progress is not stalled by belief in God

Progress is not stalled by belief in God

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Edwin Glaser bought up an age-old question in his letter of Feb. 24 ("Why perpetuate the myth of God?"). Strange that he is blaming a God that he does not believe in for all the natural disasters in the world. Unfortunately, the debate that he brings up regarding natural evil does not have an easy answer. The answer begins by taking seriously the reality of creation. Of course that involves having a belief in a Creator. God created a perfect world, but the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, brought sin, destruction and evil into the world.

St. Thomas Aquinas says that "Evil is the absence of good." This applies to moral evil, which has its roots with human beings. God did not create us as puppets; we all have a free will. We are free to choose whether or not to know, love and serve God. When we choose Him, we discipline our lives to His laws. When we choose not to serve Him, we do not have a moral compass to follow.

Edwin Glaser is wrong about human progress being stalled because of the belief in God. We are declining rapidly into that world of so-called human progress and have just about reached the point of no return. God has been almost completely abolished in the public realm. Natural and Divine Law have been tossed by the wayside. Human beings no longer govern themselves according to the Judeo-Christian laws. Our citizens no longer know the Ten Commandments; they have no moral formation. They no longer know right from wrong, good from evil, no respect for the sanctity of human life. Addictions to alcohol, drugs and pornography have become an epidemic. Murder, abortion, euthanasia, suicide, child abuse and theft, are common practice.

All of this behavior is the result of not know and abiding by the Ten Commandments. We have become a nation of high-tech barbarians. We are teaching our young people that they are mere animals and then we are shocked when they behave like animals. Human Progress has arrived!

Carole Duncan



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