Repeal Napa's medical marijuana dispensary ban

Repeal Napa's medical marijuana dispensary ban

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Thanks to support from our local freshman Assembly member Bill Dodd, on Sept. 11 California passed AB 266 Medical Marijuana. This puts the regulatory framework in place for the city of Napa to open the door to medical cannabis dispensaries.

Many people believe medical cannabis helps patients battling cancer cope with the side effects of prescription drugs. For example, if you receive chemotherapy, cannabis can relieve the nausea that is a common side effect of chemotherapy. The majority of Americans have yet to realize how many other benefits cannabis has to offer.

Cannabinoids seek and destroy cancer cells. That’s a fact. I am sorry if that it goes against everything that every institution has taught you, but it’s time to accept modern scientific evidence and move on. Suffering patients here are searching for effective treatments and cures for the principal diseases currently afflicting humanity, and for many of them cannabis is the most effective medicine.

The war against marijuana started in the early part of the twentieth century. The pharmaceutical industry started introducing genetically engineered drugs and the emerging profit-driven medical system was skyrocketing. However, cannabis was still sold in pharmacies and it was preferred by many doctors and patients, to the new miracle drugs which were composed mainly of unnatural, toxic substances.

The pharmaceutical industry didn’t like competition. So they ran a racist campaign based on lies and fear-mongering, and eventually lobbied Congress in 1937 to pass a federal law that prohibited doctors from prescribing marijuana in any circumstances under threat of prosecution, even though it was strongly opposed by the American Medical Association of its day.

I suffer from a painful autoimmune disease, psoriatic arthritis. For the last decade, I’ve been limping around in pain due to swelling in my left knee and both feet. I’ve been prescribed several patented drugs over the years to cope with it, including Enbrel, Cortisone, Lidocaine, Prednisone, Desonate, Taclonex and Scytera to name a few.

In May 2013, my health was at an all-time low. Blood tests revealed that my liver and pancreas were not functioning well. That, along with a high white blood cell count, had my doctor worried about cancer.

At the advice of my primary care doctor, I pursued medical marijuana and a plant-based diet. I had instant success with my diet and new found medicine.

In the last 28 months, since I made the transfer from prescription drugs and various NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) over to cannabis, I have much improved blood tests that show no signs of cancer. My weight is down by more than 100 pounds. This is the healthiest I’ve been since my childhood.

The all-natural skin salves produced with cannabis oil are much more effective at treating arthritis than any of the previously mentioned patented drugs.

Last August, my certified nutrition specialist said to me “You’ve had so much success with cannabis, you should start juicing it,” claiming recent success against autoimmune disease. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a source to get fresh organic leaves daily.

I witnessed a travesty of injustice the last time the city council attempted a medical cannabis dispensary ordinance. They charged applicants $7,500. After receiving 11 applications they denied everyone a use permit and placed a city-wide ban on medical cannabis dispensaries. That’s known as hustling or stealing $82,500 where I come from. Shame on the council members involved, Juliana Inman, Alfredo Pedroza and Mayor Jill Techel.

The city of Napa needs to repeal the medical cannabis dispensary ban and allow safe access to all-natural medicine. The previous 11 applicants that were hustled should be able to reapply at no cost. Others should be welcome as well, but the fee to apply should be greatly reduced.

Having a reasonable number of dispensaries spread out in our community will bring in tax revenue, create quality jobs and reduce the problems associated with Oxycodone and other dangerous prescription drugs in our community.

James Hinton


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