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Understand the Marxist tactics

Understand the Marxist tactics

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I personally found the "Non-stop flow of vitriol" Opinion piece by Charles Kampton (Jan. 17) quite refreshing.

As a life-long registered JFK Democrat - in honor of his memory only - I suppose I fall into that "preponderantly Democratic" area mentioned. Sad thing about that part is the Democrat Party I chose in the 1960s with Kennedy no longer exists. I have witnessed the demise of the Democrat Party of that era as it morphed first into a “socialist party" almost upon the death of Kennedy, with President Johnson at the helm, to today, with the Marxist/Communistic political tactics now employed on an almost daily basis by the party leaders and members of Congress.

I grew up under the threat of Communism and have known the dangers of that political philosophy. So when I began witnessing the Democrat Party beginning to employ Marxist political tactics in order to divide the People, and use the Government against its own population, etc. to stay in power at any cost, (Marxist tactics), I decided to read the Marxist Manifesto in order to determine if what I thought I was seeing was accurate. After a reading and study of the Manifesto, it became quite clear: yes.

Now let’s jump forward to today shall we? The Democrat Party leadership, and sadly, by a failure to fully comprehend I hope, of what is actually being perpetrated upon them by the Marxist political tactics of today, the current party has become a serious danger to the Constitution, and the rule of law of the United States, in my view.

But based upon the reading of the Manifesto and then a comparison to today's Democrat Party, the depth became even clearer and the past election being a prime example. Look at the corruption, deceit, and divisive nature of the Clinton campaign, hiring thugs to disrupt opponents, the Democratic National Committee, the liberal media, and the Obama administration conspiracies, as reveled by their own emails.

If Russia did, in fact, obtain these emails and released them to the public, it was more than obvious we the voters would not have known the depth of this attack upon our Democratic way of life without seeing for ourselves in those emails.

And the Democrat Party leadership could not, and did not, dispute even one of those emails. They just lied and tried to deflect the truth and depth of their corruption by blaming the Russians. And now "Trump is an illegitimate President." Another Marxist political tactic out of the Manifesto. Ironic.

Folks, like it or not, Trump was elected according to our Constitution. "Popular Vote" is not, and for very good reason.

And then there is the denigration of our public schools and universities where only a liberal political point of view is tolerated and actually taught in many cases, and a conservative one - or "opposing one" - is not allowed for comparing, and in actual fact, is stifled in schools and universities.

The American people should be outraged that the purpose of schools and universities to promote a skill of learning how to acquire the knowledge of various points of view and use critical thinking to arrive at understanding, tolerance, and truth, along with a well-balanced mind, is being denied by the liberal left. The Manifesto is being followed to the letter on this one.

So, as a JFK Democrat with a totally different set of values, political philosophy, and yes, use of political tactics, different from the current Democrat Party for sure, which is quite surprising to me to say the least, is where I find the current Republican Party stands now in the adoption of Kennedy's political views, I still remain "registered" in order to monitor the destructive actions of the party to our Constitution and rule of law so I, as one vote at least, can attempt to stop it.

The Obama administration being a prime example. I actually cringe every time I hear Obama, or Democratic leaders and members of Congress, say "we must maintain the Constitution and the rule of law." Many of Obama's unlawful actions, supported by Democrats in Congress, were overturned by the Supreme Court and ruled to be un-Constitutional.

Further, I fully intend to maintain my Register subscription (so far) in order to keep a watchful eye on a very liberal, and, again, in my view, biased and unbalanced Napa Valley Register, liberal news media.

Newspapers, journalists, and pundits, have become a willing, or hopefully, un-knowingly, extension of the corrupt, and dangerous-to-our-democracy, current Democrat Party. So with respect might I suggest, fellow readers, Google - "Marxist Manifesto" - do your own comparing, and draw your own educated conclusions. After all, isn't that the democratic way?

Robert Wilkinson


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