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Dear editor, I lost my son because no one bothered to report a DUI, at the bar, at the shoe store, on the road to destruction, even afterward.

Where does personal responsibility begin and end? Is it with the bar owner who encourages his bartenders to keep the drinks flowing? Is it with the family or friend of the person who knows they’ve had one too many and shouldn’t be allowed to drive? Is it with the person driving behind someone who is drunk but too busy or uninterested to call in the weaving car?

I would argue that everyone shares responsibility for preventing this problem and helping to prevent the unimaginable tragedy my family experienced five years ago.

I am a volunteer community member of the DUI Task Force, trying to save just one life through increased education and prevention. I do not want anyone to suffer what I have suffered, what my remaining son and family has suffered and will continue to suffer for the rest of our lives. As for my dead son, he doesn’t even have an option to suffer. How sad is that?

Education and preventative measures could have helped, and that takes community involvement. This involvement is what the Napa County DUI Task Force stands for, and we should support this very important lifesaving measure.

The DUI Task Force is composed of human health professionals, law enforcement individuals and community members striving to reduce death and destruction to irreplaceable innocent people, many of them children. It is multi-layered and thoughtfully composed of many individuals dedicated to saving lives.

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I am thankful to the Napa County DUI Task Force and those who care. We are all striving to have better, happier lives and most importantly, protecting the innocent whom we love, putting value on their lives.

With better education and prevention measures, we can reduce the risks, maybe save one life. Would that be worth it to all of us? I think so.

Lori Cagwin Carey / Yountville



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