User-generated videos and photos are five times more likely to convert customers

Scrolling through image-heavy social media sites like Instagram can lead to impulse purchases, and it’s not the shiny advertisements that do it. What tends to drive shoppers from mindless browsing to actively shopping are the user-generated videos and photos of regular people using a brand’s products or wearing a brand’s clothing while doing everyday things, like traveling or working out. That’s because these types of posts put the focus on the person, not the product—and it feels more authentic than other types of brand campaigns.

Most people feel they can connect to regular people on social media—a lot more than they can connect to a model on a glossy magazine page, anyway—and they tend to seem more trustworthy, too. But user-generated content is not just a more genuine way for brands to pedal merchandise; it’s also extremely effective and can lead to significantly more purchases. Content Exchange Content Exchange