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Photos: Scenes of Russia's economy since war in Ukraine

Photos: Scenes of Russia's economy since war in Ukraine

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Russia has weathered sweeping Western economic sanctions better than many expected. Economic life for everyday Russians hasn’t changed that much, with familiar imported goods either still available or replaced by local knockoffs. There’s no mass unemployment, shuttered banks or other signs of crisis. But President Vladimir Putin’s fortress economy faces an even tougher test in the months ahead. New sanctions are finally targeting the full scale of the Kremlin’s biggest moneymaker: oil exports. Some economists think that could mean a breaking point for government finances this year. And while the Kremlin may not run out of cash, it faces long-term stagnation without outside investment or Western technology. Here are scenes from Russia's economy since the war began.



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Western sanctions have hit Russian banks, wealthy individuals and technology imports. But after a year of far-reaching restrictions aimed at degrading Moscow's war chest, economic life for ordinary Russians doesn't look all that different than it did before the invasion of Ukraine.

For months, authorities have been urging civilians in areas near the fighting in eastern Ukraine to evacuate to safer parts of the country. But while many have heeded the call, others — including families with children — have steadfastly refused. So it has fallen to local police to try to persuade residents to leave.

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