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Growing up I remember hearing the phrase “Have you no shame?” That question must have held some power back in the day. But if you asked that now, some shapers of our current political culture would respond with a resounding “No.” Hyper-partisanship has moved us into a post-shame world.


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This is a response to the letter, “Defining The Common Good”, published Feb. 4. There is a reasonable answer to the question posed by the letter’s author: “Who defines the “common good”?

The residents of the City of American Canyon can voice their comments at the Feb. 21 city council meeting. We need land set aside for wildlife. Thousands of acres are being destroyed in south county, and soon there will be no place left for wildlife. Our quality of life will be significantly reduced as well.

Many don't realize we don’t have a “gun” problem. We have a moral problem. Laws don't change people's hearts. Apparently not all define the “common good” the same.

In the final days of 2022, the country of France banned single-use plastics in dine-in restaurants and fast-food places. Their actions — and, as a rule, their food — are inspiring. Truckee, Arcata, and Berkeley, as well as Santa Cruz and Marin Counties, recently passed ordinances to the same end, and we in Napa have a chance to do the same with a similar ordinance now in the proposal stage.

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