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I’ve always known when it’s time.

I call them “moments of clarity”

In today’s climate those moments seem to come less and less, so when one appears I’ve learned to pay attention

For example,

I KNEW when I walked across campus my last day at the University of Wisconsin I was on my way to a gigantic adventure.

I KNEW I was going to marry Tom and spend the rest of our lives together.

I KNEW when it was time to start our family.

I KNEW when it was time to leave one community and jump feet first into the next.

That clarity of thought has served me well in this business. Fast – paced is a term tossed about.

I have jokingly said I just have a very short attention span.

When I walked in the door almost thirteen years ago to the day on July 5, 2005 I didn’t know what was in store, except that my mission was to leave this place even better than it was then.

Thankfully for the talented staff of today and yesterday, our readers, and our advertisers I know we have and will continue to do so.

Lately though, I’ve noticed more ideas bubbling up that belong someplace else other than this newspaper business.

I’ve got a whole wall of post-it notes in my home with those ideas.

In a moment of clarity I recently stopped and really looked at that wall.

It will be the end of this month that I leave my position as Publisher.

And I KNOW it is time.

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Brenda Speth is publisher of the Napa Valley Register, St. Helena Star, Weekly Calistogan and American Canyon Eagle. She is CEO of Amplified Napa.