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The response is automatic from gun groups and their elected toadies every time there's another horrific mass shooting and frustrated firearms safety advocates go beyond the conventional "thoughts and prayers" by asking why we allow civilians to acquire weapons of war. Why is America the undisputed gun violence leader of the industrialized world?

Recently, I was sitting in the cafe of a large chain grocery store when two employees walked by. One of them must have been training the other one because he said to his colleague, “You saw how crazy things were for Mother’s Day? How we sold out of flowers?” The trainee nodded. “Father’s Day won’t be anything like that,” the veteran said. “It’ll be just another Sunday.”

Check out the news of the week with a collection of the best cartoons by The Washington Post Writers Group's award-winning roster of syndicated editorial cartoonists from across the nation and across the political spectrum.

Juneteenth is a day when generations of Black Americans have come together to celebrate freedom from slavery. It’s a day that, until recently, was not widely acknowledged outside of some Black communities.


College is far more expensive than it should be, and many students graduate with significant loan debt. Worse, employers increasingly report that colleges are not equipping students with the education and skills they need in the workplace.

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