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A few questions for mayoral candidate Doris Gentry

A few questions for mayoral candidate Doris Gentry


Local elections are non-partisan, therefore the party affiliation with a particular candidate generally makes no difference. However, this year more than any other is an exception, because there are so many national issues greatly impacting our local community.

One mayoral candidate, Doris Gentry, is self-identified with the national Republican Party and its candidate for president, Donald Trump. This affiliation raises the question: Does Ms. Gentry endorse the positions of the Republican candidate for president? I feel that she should make clear her stand on these issues which affect us here in Napa so dramatically:

1. Ms. Gentry, what is your position on COVID-19? Should we all wear masks? Should they be required? What about social distancing? This question arises as we have seen you on social media, maskless, with folks not socially distanced.

2. Do you agree with the business shut-downs that have helped slow the virus or should reopen full out?

3. Will you encourage obedience to laws that you don’t agree with? Earlier this year, you encouraged a business to reopen to customers in violation of the law? As mayor, will you only support those laws that you agree with even if they are valid laws?

4. Do you support the Republican effort to limit votes by mail and otherwise, like limiting balloting locations and purging eligible voting rolls, or do you believe in a democracy all voters should be encouraged to vote?

5. Where do you stand on immigration? Do you support the Republican efforts over the last four years to drastically limit immigration? This is, of course, of great interest to the Napa community with its large immigrant community.

Of course, it would be nice if the other candidates would answer these questions, but the other two mayoral candidates do not self-identify with a national party who holds these positions that so dramatically, and negatively, affect our local community.

Ms. Gentry, you can easily dodge these questions, but dodging itself would suggest their own answers. Readers will read into a dodge what they will.

Charles Gravett


Editor’s Note: The Register asked Gentry for her responses to these questions. Here are her answers:

1. I firmly believe we need to open businesses and schools safely. I support social distancing and masks when walking around. If Wal-Mart can open so can the business & schools!

2. All businesses should reopen safely. If Safeway can open then so can every. Single. Business.

3. Laws are important and should be obeyed. Recently marchers in Napa walked through town with a bull horn shouting obscenities (free speech) it cost our city money to oversee that. Then marchers broke the law and laid down in the street. In fact this was celebrated no arrests No name calling. No attacks by others. Individuals will always push limits. Should they be arrested? No. Like our city always has done - we will enforce the laws for true lawbreakers

4. Napa was a vote by mail already. We do it and it works. Purging the roles of those who moved and passed away is always a good idea. Our elections department runs a tight ship.

5. I believe in legal entry. All persons should enter the front door. However, I also believe cities can do a lot more to help people with citizenship via classes and trainings. Heartbreaking that it can take 20 years to become a legal citizen.

I never dodge questions. Never. Thanks

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