A letter from Browns Valley Road to the California/First Street Roundabout:

Hello. I’m that street that starts at your new home and goes into West Napa. People think I start at the freeway but, in reality I start at the Laurel Street Fire Station. Anyway, we’re going to be connecting with you sometime soon and I hope that the city leaders pay a little attention to me.

For one thing, I’m too wide in my girth. I think somebody thought Browns Valley was going to be filled with thousands of homes and needed a freeway to get out there.

Well, that didn’t happen. Much of my roadway is too wide, lacks sidewalks and encourages speeding. I’d like people to go slower and safer, so I’d like to have my roadway made narrower. This could be accomplished by providing planters and bulb-outs at intersections to slow drivers down. Forget more stop signs, just slow it down.

Walkers and runners complain that my roadway is like an obstacle course, walking back-and-forth from one side of me to another, just to get to anywhere.

One good thing is there aren’t a lot of driveways dumping on me so all that extra parking that never gets used is rather silly. Boy, I could use some good landscaping, either on the outside or in the center and folks will drive slower and safer.

And bicycling or even walking over the freeway is pathetic. They say they’re going to build an Americans with Disabilities Act-accessible route under the freeway, but that’s like traveling into the black hole of Calcutta. Could you please at least get rid of the homeless under there? I can’t help thinking a bike/pedestrian bridge over the freeway would be a lot easier, safer, and a wonderful introduction to Napa on Highway 29.

Oh yeah, and we’re going to be learning how to navigate your new traffic circle, which cost only $300 million -- Well, not really, but Napa never saw anything it couldn’t finance by increasing fees on everybody to pay for their foibles. Gosh darn, I sure hope you work.

I just wish our city leaders would look at me once in a while and know I really could be a handsome collector road and a heck of a lot safer.

Chris d Craiker


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