It was interesting to learn some members of Congress are considering taking a pay raise after 10 years of voting not to do so (“Some House members consider taking pay raise,” May 10.

I believe every hard-working individual deserves to be paid fairly for their work, as long as the job they are performing garners results. Since our House and Senate representatives are voted in by the People based on promises of performance to pass bills, change policy, build infrastructure, etc., why not restructure the compensation plans to be more weighted toward accomplishments that meet or exceed those proclamations?

Let’s establish an “On Target Earnings” plan that incorporates 50 percent base salary and a 50 percent weighted commission structure paid out quarterly based on goals set forth for passing X number of bills and joint initiatives.

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If they meet the goals, they get paid. If they exceed the set goals, they receive a bonus. Perhaps using a carrot approach that plays to the pocketbook might obviate the stagnant behavior and give more of our elected officials an incentive to unlock their crossed arms, cross the aisle, and work together to get meaningful work done that benefits both parties.

Laura Larson


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