I agree with Kent Cohea about all the one sided criticisms of our president ("Don't ignore all the good President Trump has done," Jan. 4).

Trump cuts to the chase and takes charge, just as the overwhelming majority of Americans who voted him in expected. Beyond the amazing benefit to our economy, his actions have also revealed the waste we have suffered at the hands of incompetent government officials in the Congress.

As for all those judges? If they are patriotic, they need little legal expertise. If the President is elected, he is right.

This nation, for some 200 years has mostly been stagnant and backwards because everything has had to be negotiated by people who often disagreed with the elected leader. Finally we have a president who is willing to superimpose his will, that is to say the will of those who elected him, on Congress and the Justice Department.

In doing this he has also exposed another area of wasted government spending; namely the ridiculous salaries paid to those incompetent politicians who constantly try to thwart the will of the people. Imagine what a fine Space Force we could create with this money.

Our venerable president needs only a handful of carefully chosen men and women to accomplish his vision (which is of course our vision). In fact they could be as close as family. We will no longer need written bills. Laws and regulations can be enacted in moments, needing only cursory editing of the tweet.

Our Founding Fathers, blessed be their names, are rejoicing at the prospect of a smaller government that will not trouble the citizens with any more elections which just interrupt the real business of America, which is to make the rich richer and to make the poor think they can be made rich in the process.

I'm sure this was their intent, how else could this nation have existed for so long.

Richard Hazeltine


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