A resolution in the face of injustice

A resolution in the face of injustice


Whereas the Napa County Democratic Central Committee (NCDCC) stands with those who believe “Black Lives Matter.” As a group we know that “Silence is Violence.” We also know that this ill-treatment is felt by all non-whites. We see the same immoral treatment put upon Native Americans, Brown Americans, Muslim Americans immigrants, children, LGBTQ, and many other peoples of color and

Whereas the NCDCC calls upon our elected officials to make it a priority that law enforcement should not discriminate in the treatment of our brothers and sisters and that all in power are to be held to the high standard of our Declaration of Independence that professes “All men are created equal,” we profess “All people are created equal,” and

Whereas we recognize that the strength of the Democratic Party is based upon the commitment to uphold the tenets of the Constitution of the United States. We believe that as a nation we are failing to do just that, especially in matters involving our minority communities, and

Whereas the protests by Americans in reaction to the murder of George Floyd are attended by the most diverse group ever seen. People of all colors, ages, sexual orientation, religious affiliation have taken to the streets. The cry is still the same “An injury to one is an injury to all!” and

Whereas this fight is our fight. We rely on those we have elected to do all in their power to bring those who are violating human rights by hiding behind their shields to not only be accountable, but to insure proper reporting of disciplinary action against them, and

Whereas August 28 will be a return to the Lincoln Memorial on the 57th anniversary of the “I have a Dream” speech. Martin Luther King’s dream has not been realized. We need to do all we can to bring that dream to an everyday reality.

Therefore, Democrats must work together so that the murders of George Floyd and the numerous others will be the last at the hands of those whose duty is to serve and protect. As Democrats, we need to vote in November to effect change and support the activism of the diverse groups protesting the death of George Floyd and the numerous other murders.

G. Anthony Phillips

American Canyon

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