A teaching moment

A teaching moment


The thought has occurred to me that perhaps recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic could be viewed as a teaching (or learning) moment.

We were told to shut down businesses and self-isolate or the virus will kill us. The stock market took a nosedive. After recent years of record gains, the market lost it all in a matter of days. Corporations, retirement accounts and individuals all suffered heavy losses. Nationally and locally, small businesses, especially restaurants, were impacted to the extent that many may not recover.

Some obvious lessons from this experience appear to be:

1. As a nation, we can not print or spend enough money to correct all of the problems the pandemic has caused.

2. Our House of Representatives has been essentially uninvolved or absent, (enjoying their gourmet ice cream?) rather than participating in the process of dealing with actions in response to the pandemic.

3. On a potentially positive note, a number of K-12 schools are participating in home schooling utilizing electronic/computer technology. Some colleges have also begun to follow with online classes.This could lead to a potential for the future, which would reduce the need for continuing additional school bond funding requests. You know, the ones that are for the kiddies. The ones always needed to build and maintain school facilities. For example, “fixing leaking roofs” has been in all school bond proposals that I have seen. Apparently this means contractors can only install roofs that leak?

Jack Gray, director

Napa County Taxpayers Association

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