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A Vietnam veteran weeps

A Vietnam veteran weeps

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I’m just a regular, middle-class, Napa retired mom. I am also a Vietnam veteran. I was raised in San Francisco. In the late 1960s, I joined the Army right out of nursing school, thinking I was going to be of service.

I was 22 when I went to Vietnam. Those 12 months in Vietnam defined who I am today; 51 years later, the smells, sadness, depression and tears remain as though yesterday.

I carry that war in a very private place. But what is happening today by my country requires that I convert my private pain to the public arena.

I am distraught by the New York Times recent reporting of Russia paying the Taliban to assassinate our U.S. soldiers. Although the U.S. government knew about the bounty program, we never acted on it. We never sanctioned Russia for these atrocious acts.

When our sons and daughters serve in the military, they expect to be protected by our government as they risk their lives to protect us. Their trust has been violated.

What can we do? Please remain vigilant about what our government is doing, stay educated. Remaining complacent is complicity. Contact your representatives to protest this travesty. Play your part in protecting our sons and daughters of the military. They too are our family. Most importantly -- vote.

I weep as I write this letter.

Tama Adelman


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