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A vision of a post-Trump America

This holiday season seems like a good time to review the status and potential of Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. He clearly hopes to win re-election by securing the funding, by almost any means, for a border barrier that can somehow be labeled “Trump’s Wall,” by both his right wing base and the Trump resisters.

Many Trump resisters, however, envision a different scenario for the president, as follows:

President Trump will continue to be challenged and vexed primarily by politicians who are not running for his office, i.e., neither Republican nor Democrat potential candidates. He will continue to be weakened by these challenges, and it will be more and more difficult for Trump to maintain his support among the middle band of voters.

His strong support will decline to a solid 30-32 percent. The Upper Midwest, except Ohio, will largely be returned to Democratic dominance. Ohio Gov. John Kasich is quite likely to emerge as the strong Republican alternative.

The obvious contrast with an opponent’s positions such as Kasich will result in a hard-fought divisive battle for Trump and his base that, regardless of outcome, will further weaken the Republican Party. A diverse Democratic team will win the White House, and the Congress will have Democratic control, but it seems unlikely to have the important 60-seat Senate Majority.

The result will be a restorative period in which the American people vs. the wealthy, regain traditional access to the levers of government. Defense spending will continue at current high levels with great care to nurture traditional foreign alliances.

Borders will be secured by greater reliance on tech as a force multiplier. Health care will become a version combining ACA and Extended MedicAid with Medicare for all. College tuition will become much more reasonable. Climate Change defense will become an urgent priority. (Consider Norway: one third of all newly purchased vehicles are now plug-in electric vs. 1-3 percent in the rest of Europe and North America, and this outcome for Norway could well become the near-term goal of the USA).

The stock market indices will return to the more stable trend patterns observed from 2010 to 2016. The feared oncoming recession will be averted by reforming tax policy and keeping politics out of the Federal Reserve. The federal minimum wage will be raised to at least $15 per hour as many states raise their minimum wage standards. Equality among all citizens, irrespective of ethnicity or sexual orientation, will continue to be advanced.

Women’s perspectives will be more visible in law-making and military planning. Home ownership rates will be increased. Voter suppression attempts will be identified and addressed. The Citizens United Decision will be countered with rigorous disclosure requirements. Infrastructure projects that address the effects of climate change will be given priority. Reasonable limits on gun ownership will be enacted.

And then, we will all stand back and express our thanks, as a grateful nation, to ex-President Trump who helped to bring about this Age of Restoration because he has shown, once again, by his lack of political success, that competence, principled morality, and political experience are essential qualities of anyone who aspires for the presidency.

And the Mueller Report will be cited repeatedly as a demonstration of the urgent necessity for, and the value of, the post-Trump Restoration of America.

David E. Loberg


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