Regarding Pastor Morris A. Curry's letter regarding sanctuary cities ("Sanctuary Cities killed this man and his child," July 5). Pastor Curry hit the nail on the head with this letter.

All of this sanctuary city and state information is being distributed to countries around the world. People are reading this and thinking the borders of the United States are wide open and they will be met with open arms.

Imagine the shock when they arrive and finally realize we are a nation of laws, like most countries in the world and there is a process to gain access. Ignoring this, they try entering illegally and some die.

These people are not thinking this through before leaving their home country and these unfortunate circumstances are completely their own fault. Since there are literally armies of these people en route to our border, you have to think there has been misinformation dispensed.

This is what causes the Border Patrol to be overworked and the illegals to be housed in large groups.

Never in the past have there been so many people arriving at our southern borders, and it really makes you wonder just what information is being dispensed and by who.

I also wonder just who allowed the photograph of this man and his daughter to be published? I just see this as an ongoing attack on the President, which started the minute he was declared the winner of the election and has not let up since.

Never in all my years have I witnessed such disrespect and questioning the sanity of those from the opposing party. Somewhere, sanity has to return or we are in bigger trouble than we have ever seen.

Rodney Day


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