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Affordable housing mandate in Napa

Affordable housing mandate in Napa


The mandate for "affordable housing" is planned to get much worse for Napa county in the future.

This will result even though the county population has been documented as decreasing since 2012. One of the main driving forces is that the state legislature has passed a bill giving the MTC the authority to mandate zoning and fund increases in "affordable housing" all nine regional (ABAG) counties.

California policies are so bad that even Napa’s rural area and mild weather can not bring enough people to Napa. In fact, Napa's middle class seems to be fleeing California as fast as a U-Haul reservation can be had. Billions in new taxes are being proposed, including a tax on income for 10 years after you leave the state. The very rich also are leaving the state including; McKesson, Charles Schwab, Elon Musk, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard and more.

Potentially more important, local governments that have built their budget strategy around growth are likely to suffer. Many cities and counties in California have planned their approach to budgets around two things: first ever-increasing sales tax, and second front-end property tax increases and impact fee revenues that come with new residential construction.

If population growth goes away permanently, sales tax revenues may flatten and the front-end tax and fee revenues will likely decline or stagnate. This has already impacting our local school systems. It also means long-term financial problems for all counties and cities in California. This is especially true in Napa county where agricultural zoning has afforded some protection from urban expansion.

It is obviously a time for individual residents and property owners to be vigilant and involved in any new or increased local tax or fee proposal that may cause you to revise your personal budget.

Jack Gray, Director

Napa County Taxpayers Association

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