I am a healthy, well- groomed and well-mannered man. I can stand for eight hours, lift 50 pounds, I am proficient in Word, Excel, and POS Systems and I will buff glasses. I can work weekends, I have an excellent knowledge of the history of wine around the world, California and especially Napa.

I am well-versed in enology and viticulture, and have planted my own backyard vineyard. I ran a wine shop for 20 years, ran a tasting room for five years and trained wine educators. I have a proven record of sales and wine club signups. I can do tours, entertain small or large groups, converse with wine newbies and wine professionals. I have wine certifications.

Who wouldn’t want to hire me to work in their tasting room? Well, it seems that nobody wants to hire me.

I started looking for a wine educator position in the beginning of November last year; to date I have sent out 71 resumes, 55 since Jan. 1 of this year.

A wine educator goes by several different titles: Tasting Room Associate, Sales and Hospitality, but basically, it’s the person behind the counter who pours wine, tells the history of the winery, educates people about the history of Napa and wine, and hopefully gets the customer to join the wine club or purchase wine.

I am more than qualified to be a wine educator. So far, I have had eight interviews and no offers. I have applied to small and large wineries and have started to apply for part-time work, even though I really want a full-time job. I have applied to some wineries twice, but what really frustrates me is after applying for a position, and getting no response, seeing the exact same position being posted again four or five weeks later.

What that means is that after receiving the first bunch of resumes, they could not find a candidate that met their requirements. Excuse me, but I did meet all their requirements.

Obviously, no one has to hire anybody that they don’t want to, but people who know me are flabbergasted that I’ve been trying for so long. From a frustrated 62-year-old Napan.

Jeff Yates


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