Amber Manfree is my choice for Supervisor in District 4 even though I don’t live in her district. But because I do live in the county, I am eager to add the fresh, clear voice of a scientific researcher – unencumbered by financial affiliation with the wine or hospitality industries – to the board’s decisions on land use in our county.

She is a fifth-generation Napan who has a passion for preserving our fragile ecosystem; a deep understanding of its significance to the quality of life of its human, plant, and animal residents; and the ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders.

Imagine: a board member who can understand detailed reports on all water related issues (Google her to see her professional credibility), explain them comprehensively to her peers and the public, develop policy and vote in accordance with the reality of climate change without having to consider how these decisions might affect her livelihood.

And consider that our Board of Supervisors is now responsible for state-mandated ground water monitoring. What a bonus it would be to add her expertise to that committee.

Amber’s is a grassroots campaign by people who feel the urgency of the moment. Please check out her website and encourage your friends in District 4 to vote for positive change.

Iris Barrie


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