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I have educated myself on the Watershed and Oak Woodland Protection initiative and I am asking others to do the same; you will probably vote No.

People in Napa Valley say the wineries are taking over the Valley. Did you know only 9 percent of the county is planted with vineyards? Or that in 2008 the General Plan allotted for only 10,000 more acres of vineyards through 2030 on top of the 45,000 already in use?

That plan took into consideration watershed protection and environmental protection for the whole of Napa County and continues to monitor and protect all of us within those limits.

Using words like "watershed protection" and "protect our oaks" actually generates unfounded fear for uneducated people, thinking we are all doomed to bad water and overwhelming vineyard development for the future.

What I see is people building on anti-winery/anti-tourism rhetoric; failing to understand that tourism generated $64.2 million in tax revenues for the county, supports over 13,000 jobs, and pays out $387 million in payroll (most of that to locals). Many civic improvements we've enjoyed in the last 10 years are in place in large part to the tourism industry.

Take away tourism and this county dies. Literally.

I believe proponents of C are attempting to fast-track an initiative that is already being addressed by both county and city officials in a methodical, scientific, and educated way. I voted for and elected many of these individuals because I trust them to do the right thing, even if it takes more time to do it right. They are working hard to balance tourism with the needs of the community.

Fast and easy shortcuts don't solve the long-term problems; impatience in a very complex conversation can cause much damage. Let's do it right, Napa. Vote No on C.

Jim Gunther