What if the government would ban abortions, and pass a law making it mandatory, if you don't want to keep the baby, you adopt it out rather than aborting it. A woman's career, ambitions, future plans, and happiness wouldn't be interrupted. She could continue working.

Many don't decide to have the abortion until late in the pregnancy, leave work, go to the hospital, give birth, take a few days off, and back to work in a few days.

Her career, control of her life, and pursuit of happiness wouldn't be destroyed. The adoptive parents probably would be glad to help with expenses. The child would be in an environment, that possesses everything that was listed in a previous letter for happiness, and a desire to live.

Later in life, the baby, and birth mother could discover each other. The birth mother would be happy that her child had all the opportunities, that make's a child happy, healthy, and want to live.

The child (adult), would be glad, that he, she hadn't prevented their biological mother from pursuing her ambitions, and achieving happiness.

You say that would never happen. I see it all the time on the news. Even though they don't show the results, they leave the impression that they all live happily ever after.

If women want to get even with men, let them start lobbying for a law against urinals in men's restrooms at sports stadiums.

David Turner


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