I am disheartened, and yet fascinated, by the hysterical doomsday comments by so many Democrats on the Letters to the Editor page. Everything from frightening children with apocalyptic fear that the world we know will begin to disappear in 12 years, which, by the way, is 15 years later than Al Gore said we would reach the point of no return. Oops. To thinking this democracy is doomed because of Donald J. Trump, who they compare to Hitler.

Case in point. In Mike Hackett's letter of Oct. 11 ("Like most Americans"), he writes: "Trump is a narcissistic sociopath...destroy(ing) our once proud country ... We are no longer safe ... Let's do all we can to stop this before our democracy is destroyed beyond recognition."

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

He also writes, "Like most Americans, I'm every day overwhelmed with worry about our country's future."

Well Mike, the reason Trump was elected is that enough states felt, after eight years of one of the most divisive administrations in my memory, that this country needed to become healthy again. But Democrats refuse to accept the last Constitutional presidential election so they are trying to void it at the expense of our country.

The Mueller report didn't fit their narrative, so they moved on. Ever searching for some new "scandal" to blow up into an "impeachable offense." In the meantime they are not doing their Constitutional duty, to legislate. They block any attempt to solve many of the problems left by the last administration, both foreign and domestic. Which are legion.

Now as concerns our president. Does he tweet some angry comments sometimes? Yes. Does he say things that offend certain people? Yes. Does he say some stupid things sometimes? Well ... yes.

But ask yourselves, what would you do when faced with comments like Mr. Hackett's? When ruthlessly attacked, oftentimes with lies, by the Democrats. the media and press, the educational elitists and the entertainment industry. Every ... single ... day. Would you lose your cool sometimes? Be honest.

I'm surprised at his strength. His endurance against the onslaught. It never stops. But I think he knows that millions of hard-working people, outside of California, have his back, and that sustains him. That's what his rallies are all about. The people energize him.

In the end, people who say they want this country to come together are, more times than not, the very people who are tearing it apart. Hello? Anybody there?

I'm anxious about the future of our Republic too Mike, but obviously not for the same reasons you are.

Kent Cohea


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