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I am the current President of the Latino Caucus of California Counties. LCCC’s mission is to encourage the engagement and involvement of our board and membership, to provide solutions to issues and concerns, promote Latino leaders and provide value to the Latino communities that we serve.

In 2008, voters created the California Citizens Redistricting Commission to be an independent entity that would draw the lines for Congressional districts, State Senate, State Assembly and Board of Equalization within the State of California. Voters believed it was important that the 14-member commission be reflective of the diversity of California and that citizens would be able to draw boundaries without special interests, politics or political influence.

We are now in the process of selecting a new redistricting commission and we are concerned that there will be under-representation of diversity on the commission. In 2010, there were over 30,000 initial applicants for the commission. This year, there have only been 18,194 applicants since the application process opened on June 10th. Of those 18, 194 applicants, only 16 percent (2,911) are Latinos, 9 percent (1,627) are African American and 7 percent (1,273) are Asian Pacific Islander.

Given the under-representation of minority applicants, many organizations have requested an extension to the deadline. We are pleased that the State Auditor’s office has listened to those requests and extended the deadline to Aug. 19. Thus, extending the supplemental application from Aug. 21st through Sept. 20.

The LCCC encourages Latinos and all those who are unrepresented to apply to serve on the California Citizens Redistricting Commission and have a seat at the table.

Supervisor Alfredo Pedroza


Latino Caucus of California Counties

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