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I recently enjoyed attending the city of Napa Planning Commission special meeting on medical marijuana. The room was full and the energy was positive.

I'm elated to see the city slowly repeal some of their bans against the cannabis Industry.

I hope the city council will hear our voices and accept the planning commission’s recommendations.

The city has a lot of work ahead of them regulating the cannabis industry as well as a vacant seat on the council to fill. I would like to see them appoint James Hinton to fill the vacancy. Hinton understands the cannabis industry and has the support of the patients in Napa. He would be a valuable resource for city as they sort through the regulations.

The city needs to issue real-use permits instead of “granting limited immunity.” They need to expand zoning to include commercial/retail. They need to include on-site consumption. They need to include recreational sales. They need to allow commercial cultivation in our industrial zones.

Please end the war on marijuana in Napa and appoint James Hinton to the City Council.

Jeff Bonds