In this time of so much instability in not only our climate problems and government leadership, one constant daily joy is to wake up every morning and find the Napa Valley Register waiting for me on my front porch.

For the past 15 years, rain or shine, I have had this pleasure from a wonderful couple - Rosario Torres and Jorge Lopez, who every morning well before dawn drive from St. Helena to provide this dependable and faithful service.

However, as of Oct. 31, they will no longer be delivering my paper because another? corporation will be taking over this business. I realize it's the sign of the times we're living in and that newspapers are probably being either read online or not at all. But I just hope that the deliveries in the future will show the same consideration for seniors like myself.

Now that I'm 80 and the joints "old and new" need more assistance to bend or even move, I really appreciated how convenient it was to readily find the paper. A friend of mine has a different delivery person and often has to search in the bushes or under the car to find her paper.

My heartfelt thanks to Rosario and Jorge, and I hope they will soon find other jobs that will make their customers as happy as I have been with them.

Teresa Cahill


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