What are we thinking? Are we thinking at all?

While I am very skeptical about the value of polls, a recent "poll" stated that 66 percent of Americans oppose the impeachment of the present incumbent. Nancy Pelosi has said that impeachment is "divisive," yet what could be more divisive than the actions of Donald Trump? The Constitution provides us with that means to remove a dangerous, incompetent, ignorant president who is a threat to our very survival. We already have 10 articles of impeachment on the books, any one of which is sufficient to relieve him of his office.

How many DUIs does one need to lose his driver's license? How many bank robberies must I do to get the attention of the law? How many mass murders of civilians, or separations of families? How many lies told to citizens and legal authorities? Trump has now passed 10,000.

We are becoming a kakistocracy (look it up), government by the worst elements in our society, self-seeking people who see election as a cash cow to personal enrichment. The Democratic Party has become the Wimp Wing of the Rethugnicon Party. Mainstream Democrats are as much a tool of Wall Street and Big Business as the other party, though the other party plays even dirtier.

Since the last election, we now have a newer class of more progressive Democrats in the House, ready to reject party ideologies and actually try to save us from AIDS --no, not the viral form but the more lethal and pervasive form, Apathy-Ignorance-Denial Syndrome. They have been attacked by the GOP not for their rejection of medieval ideologies but because one of their members, a woman, said a naughty word.

Finally, we cannot conduct our national business in a scientific vacuum. While some of the incumbents in both parties are busy legislating against the Law of Gravity, the scientists are telling us that our present course is leading to the extinction of our species on this little, still-fertile planet.

Both parties have a tendency to debate an issue to death, hoping it will go away and they won't have to vote on it. We humans treat the earth as a business in default---let's get what we can now.

But human activities on Earth meet all the criteria for a diagnosis of cancer. Try debating a malignancy away. Our politics is fantasy, when we need reality to save us.

When we're gone, Earth will survive, with a lot of radiation damage, but may recover and repair its ecosystems in, oh, maybe a billion years, given that our over 400 nuclear power plants, now producing little or no net energy, will be unattended and will go critical.

Don Richardson


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