Something to consider. An article in the magazine “The Week” made me think of the Napa Valley in the future.

It seems that many of the main attractions in Europe are suffering from “overtourism.” Does that remind you of what is happening in Napa Valley?

Millions of tourists are causing problems in major attractions such as Venice, Barcelona, Amsterdam , Prague and Dubrovnik. In Barcelona, the tourists last year numbered 32 million and now the citizens are protesting against all the tourism and what it is doing to their city and area. In Venice, they are considering putting turnstiles for day trippers and charging them an entrance fee of $11.

One of the reasons given is the cruise industry, so I guess we are lucky no large cruise ships can make it up the Napa River.

When I read such information and then read that more hotels are planned for the area, more people are living their dream of building their own little winery, I become frightened. When I leave my home and try to get on Silverado Trail and have to wait for 10-15 cars and trucks to pass, then I too become worried that we are indeed suffering from overtourism.

I would hope the Board of Supervisors might consider this condition before they have wall-to-wall hotels, restaurants and wineries.

Penny Pawl


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