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Article made light of rodent problems

Article made light of rodent problems


This article “Send in the owls and cats. How rats in California state building panicked environmentalists,” (Aug. 9) was so flamboyantly one-sided it should have been an op-ed. Seriously.

The journalist should have researched the science and delivered the facts about the rodent poisons that are at the core of the story, but instead comes across as making light of the issue, and I have never heard of the group “Owls for Peace” unless it’s the Middle East program.

Effective alternatives exist, and not owls or cats.

There are many ways to resolve rodent problems without the use of these poisons. I know, because I run my own "pest" control company.

Poison doesn’t solve a rodent problem, but it does guarantee a pest control company repeat business. The pest control industry peddles poisons like drugs, using exaggeration and fear mongering to get people addicted.

There’s the story.

Rebecca Dmytryk

Moss Landing, California

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