Belia Ramos is who we need for supervisor

Belia Ramos is who we need for supervisor

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In 2017, we had to evacuate our home. I was eight months pregnant and trying to console a scared 3-year-old. Along with everyone else in the area, we were legitimately terrified that we would lose our community and our home.

On every news channel, Belia Ramos was there reassuring us, reminding our community that we are more than houses—our community is its people, and that the people of Napa are strong.

I clearly remember watching the news with my family, waiting for any little bit of information, and having my daughter turn to me and say, “Is that Miss Belia on the news?” Her shoulders dropped, she relaxed, and for the first time in several days, we all smiled. It was Belia’s strength and leadership that comforted us, that reassured us that we would get through this together.

Throughout her time on the board, Belia has demonstrated leadership on multiple occasions. She came to the board with specific goals — to build the county’s portion of Devlin Road, to build more workforce and affordable housing, to engage residents with the county, and to protect our quality of life.

She has crushed these goals: Devlin Road (which the county has been “talking about doing” for a decade) will be open the first week of March; the county has funded 329 affordable units since 2017; and she’s held six town halls throughout her district, engaging residents on tough issues like speed limits in Coombsville and the Palm Drive solar project.

I also appreciated Belia’s work on promoting equality when the county and city of Napa worked on the rainbow flag project.

On a personal level, it takes a lot to be a young mom in politics. We work very long hours, we make tough, sometimes unpopular decisions, and at the end of the day, we have to go home and make an erupting volcano out of papier mache, volunteer for the class party, and come up with something for “crazy hair day.”

Belia is a woman of strong character, who fully embodies the traits of a good person, a great leader, and an amazing mom.

In my short time in politics I have learned that sometimes when you do the right thing, for the right reasons, you can create adversaries. Belia is an honest, hardworking public servant, and she is exactly what the county needs at this time—someone who is willing to work hard and stand up for what’s best for all of us. Please join me in supporting Belia Ramos for Supervisor.

Mary Luros



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