Our city of Napa continues to move forward under the leadership of our Mayor, Jill Techel. We will continue to grow - and with growth have challenges. Housing will be a primary focus and need. This is the major issue facing employers and employees in Napa. We need leadership with realistic and timely solutions.

There are two council seats up for election. They need to be filled with candidates having breadth in our community to understand and the leadership skills to bring forth solutions to the issues before us.

Bernie Narvaez is such a person. Bernie - an experienced local business owner and employer - was named Latino Business Leader of the Year. He has served as a Napa Parks & Rec Commissioner; is a Big Brother, mentoring our youth. As a new homeowner, Bernie understands the tough housing environment. He wants to help both renters and buyers into market rate housing - and to help our employees stay in Napa.

Bernie has the breadth and experience to enhance the leadership needed on our Napa City Council.

Ballots are in the mail - time to vote. Please join me and vote for Bernie.

Brian Kelly


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