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While operating under the name “Democrat Party of California” our legislature has become more progressive and in line with the national socialistic-democratic leaders. Our government leaders have proposed regulations that would end public utilities and private automobiles which rely on fossil fuels. They have proposed ending local city and county government’s ability to plan, zone and permit housing in favor of decisions made in Sacramento.

California voters missed an opportunity to repeal billions of dollars in tax hikes on gasoline and raise registration fees during the 2018 election. This was partially influenced by the politically motivated voter handbook description that indicated the repeal would decrease funding for road repairs. Actually much of the funding provided for road repairs in the past has been routinely hijacked for other uses by our government officials.

Democrats in both chambers of the Legislature wield two-thirds super majorities that allow them to pass new measures, including taxes, without Republican support; pickups of longstanding GOP seats have given them votes to spare. Three quarters of Assembly members are Democrats; there are so few Republicans that becoming the leader of the state Senate GOP caucus would require the support of just five colleagues.

This situation leads to what I consider to be legislative abuses in California. For example, would a super majority of California residents actually cast votes for;

California becoming a sanctuary state?

Licensing and registering illegal immigrants, thus allowing them to vote, at the DMV?

The problem for the more conservative candidates in 2020 in California will be that big business, large corporate and personal donors, will be forced to fund campaigns for the Democrats and will be bullied if they give anything to a Republican. Obviously, the reality and dynamics of two party campaigning has changed in California.

Jack Gray, Director

Napa County Taxpayers Association

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