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Calistoga pushes for south PG&E connection

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On Nov. 2, I emailed the letter below to the three PG&E representatives for whom I have contact information. As of Nov. 6, I've not received a reply. 

I know others at city hall have also attempted — even at the state and national levels, so far unsuccessfully — to ameliorate our electrical service. I understand PG&E is working diligently to restore electricity to its service regions, and I'm sure we fully appreciate those tremendous efforts. Nonetheless, the concerns of Calistogans are valid and deserve acknowledgment. Here is the letter I sent the PG&E representatives:

“As a Calistoga City Council member, I've received two requests from the public:

1)  (A petition) asks that Calistoga's electricity be rerouted to come from the south instead of from Lake County. The hope would be to decrease the number and effect of PSPS events. Can you comment on the idea? Is it feasible? Are there technical obstacles? Is it a matter of timing, or funding?

2) The noise from the generators in Calistoga is loud, as you know. For some long-suffering residents, “crazy loud.”

The town completely appreciates the generators for the power they provide. The public's request is for sound barriers to diminish the noise. I agree with the public sentiment. Inasmuch as we may all need to live with generators in the foreseeable future, can they be considered unready to use until sound barriers accompany them?”

Even though I've not received a reply, we will continue our efforts to improve Calistoga's power situation.  Surely we will transition out of these challenging times into a more halcyon day. Let us be mindful of that vision, and until then be kind to one another.

Donald Williams

Calistoga City Council

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