Can the Generals save the day?

Can the Generals save the day?


So, Mr Trump has appointed John Kelly as the White House Chief of staff.

Much of the commentary regarding this appointment has focused on the general’s military experience, belief in the chain of command, and importance on order and communication discipline.

However, he has inherited a White House/West Wing environment with no effective commitment to anything that would reflect the general’s experience and beliefs regarding administration effectiveness. Mr. Trump has advisers from his own family and others that will not be easily restrained from immediate access to him and would likely circumvent any attempts to deny access. And of course, we have the president’s own propensity for impetuousness.

Some have questioned why Gen. Kelly would agree to such an appointment under these conditions.

I believe the answer lies in the importance of the generals in the Trump cabinet; less about the president, but more to do with our national security and what these men are concerned about.

I believe (call it the plot for a yet-to-be-written novel regarding the presidency and the military) that the Kelly “agreement” to his appointment is a reflection of a plan by the cabinet generals to save the country from further damage from President Trump.

Generals Kelly, Mattis, and McMaster have been greatly concerned about the “course” the president has taken in various ways and concluded that a “correction” was needed absent other actions by the Congress. The recent debacle involving Reince Priebus and others, present them with an opportunity to take a significant step toward greater security for the nation. Gen. Kelly has agreed, or perhaps pursued, this appointment to further this noble goal of greater national security.

So as we see what unfolds with the Kelly chief of staff experience in the White House, this theory may be substantiated or not. At this point in time, given the Korean missile launches and other international pressures, it very well may prove to be quite critical.

Eric Zimny



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