Check the box next to Amy Klobuchar

Check the box next to Amy Klobuchar


As a lifelong registered Democrat, but more importantly as an American, my main focus in the upcoming November elections this year is which candidate will have the best shot to defeat Donald J. Trump.

As with the majority of people in our country, I understand that the threat of four more years of a Trump presidency would be an unmitigated disaster for our democracy.

Therefore, the specific positions of any particular Democratic candidate end up being of secondary importance to me than the belief of which candidate I believe has the best chance of defeating the incumbent.

I don’t want to give an itemized list of what I perceive are the weaknesses and shortcomings of the various contenders, but rather list what I see are the positive characteristics of the person I believe has the best chance to win this coming November in the national election. And solely for this reason, I have decided to support and vote for in the March primary Amy Klobuchar.

Amy is the senior senator from Minnesota. In every instance that I have observed her on television, she has exhibited an easy-going temperament style. She speaks coherently and without a lot of emotion, but with knowledge of issues. She also articulates her views with well-reasoned responses.

She’s not a “coastal elite,” but rather from a purplish “fly-over state,” which should help her earn votes in several crucial Midwestern states that Trump won in 2016.

She’s obviously a woman, which I believe would also inspire many other women all across the country to go to the polls to support her. From what I’ve observed, she does not come with any discernible baggage from anything she’s said or done in her past.

Her positions are oftentimes labeled as “moderate,” which, frankly, is where the majority of Democrats and the majority of Americans reside. As a general rule, the electorate does not like candidates perceived as too far to one end of the political spectrum or another.

Therefore, I urge all Napa County Democrats to not only go to the polls this March 3, but to check the box next to Amy Klobuchar for President of the United States.

John Sensenbaugh



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