While working away in my garden, I ran through in my mind the factors that seem to converge when there is a mass shooting. Obviously, guns are the principal factor - as are bullets.

Regarding the need to own, as opposed to the right to bear, arms; if one lives out in areas where predators may attack you, or you need weapons to kill things you wish to eat, then guns make sense. But what predators are there that regularly inhabit our towns and cities for which one needs a gun for protection? A bi-pedal homo sapien with a gun seems to be the most common threat. We should look at getting rid of this extant threat to our lives.

Back in the days of the old cowboy movies, I recall various marshals or sheriffs cleaning up Dodge City - or some other long-forgotten town in the wild west - requiring everyone to check in their guns at the office when they came into town, all in the pursuit of public safety. There were never any second amendment supporters or NRA lobbyists whining at the marshal about their rights being infringed. Everyone seemed to cooperate in the interest of their own safety and well-being.

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One final observation. The vast majority of today's mass shootings are committed by white males who now need to be viewed as an existential urban predator rather than the usual tropes and scapegoats trumpeted by demagogues.

Michael Wycombe


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