In response to Kevin Courtney's recent columns regarding traffic in the Napa Valley (Napa Journal, April 20 and May 4) - Mr. Courtney was clueless in his first column, and nearly offensive in his second.

Tell you what, Mr. Courtney: when you talk to someone who is not a homeowner in the valley or winemaker - you know, one of the actual working class who is impacted by this traffic on a daily basis - then maybe I'll think your privileged perspective is valid and needed.

Until then, a flippant "Buck up! It's good for the economy!" and "Listen to podcasts!" as the solutions to the absolutely draining and depressing daily grind that many of your readers go through is at best, overly simplistic and at worst, insulting to the folks who simply cannot afford to live in Napa, due to the housing and job crisis that is currently happening.

How nice for you that you're insulated from it. You're really off the mark on this one.

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Elizabeth L. Robertson

Pleasant Hill

Editor's note: The author is a former Napa resident and daily commuter through south Napa.

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