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This month, having learned so much about food insecurity in Napa, I have become more aware of the things people go through everyday just to get by. I’ve learned that nearly 15,000 people in Napa are food insecure -- they don't know where their next meal is coming from. Seeing that there are about 80,000 Napa residents that means 18.75 percent of Napa are food insecure.

I also learned about Donald Trump’s proposed idea for the Harvest Box. I don’t think that is a good idea for the people here because: 1) it isn’t based off what good for the people and doesn’t help them make meals. And 2), how could you feed the homeless by sending a box to the house they don’t even have?

I think it would be better for Napa to find a way to come together more and work with those in poverty to help them as a community/family. The Green Bag Program should be used more to get more food to those in need.

There are some really smart people who could help the homeless thrive if only the community could help them get back on their feet, and it starts by coming together to help others. The community can come together and try to make a change, but it takes everyone. This is why Napa should work together to change the lives of those in poverty.

As many know, living in Napa can be extremely expensive. Paying bills can be a struggle for some families. So working together to make the famous Napa have a stronger community could be extremely beneficial, especially considering that some in Napa are very wealthy.

When everyone comes together to make a difference, it can turn people’s lives around, but when some feel unwanted or like they don’t belong, they have no motivation to get where they need to be. Helping these people get back on their feet will change the community for the better.

Alexis Muthoga


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