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Connect the Calistoga substation to St. Helena

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Calistoga has been in the news a lot recently—local, regional (KRON, KGO, KTVU), and even national (New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler)—but not for good reasons.
Fires are a fact of life here, the pandemic equally so. But frequent, lingering, power outages (and associated Comcast/Mobile Network outages) are within our control. The Calistoga substation is served with high voltage service traversing Cal Fire high risk terrain and thus is shut down often during windy conditions. St. Helena, Yountville, and Napa are served with power traversing the Napa Valley floor—low risk territory. 
Any of the 1,200 Calistoga residents living “west of the river” will tell you of the generator neighborhood wars, of their inability to work, study, or just live during the multiple day outages this summer. While the balance of town served with the large PG&E generators will tell you of the noise those machines make.
This situation for every Calistoga resident would be dramatically improved with far fewer PSPS events if we band together and convince our local, regional, and state representatives to focus PG&E’s attention on a valley floor connector from the Calistoga substation to St Helena. 
Please read and consider this petition:
To date over 720 people have signed it, but without massive voter/residential support the California PUC will not focus PG&E’s attention on this small capital project with urgency.
Edward Kozel

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