Coronavirus presents an opportunity for reform

Coronavirus presents an opportunity for reform


Someone once said “in the midst of crisis lies great opportunity.”

Out of chaos, new solutions are born. I believe now is the time to address things that have been awaiting serious action by the government for decades, like our broken healthcare system, our failing schools, environmental damage, immigration, and homelessness.

With the red tape slashed, and the nation galvanized, let’s come together to address big solutions in a new way. We are learning that government can act, and act quickly, when enough concern and pressure is exerted.

People are paying attention and looking to the government for answers. The truth is, the government doesn’t have all the answers. That’s why it’s time for community leaders, business leaders, and concerned citizens to come together and take a fresh approach to addressing these very critical issues.

Maybe this is the wake up call we all needed. We can’t depend on the government for everything. In the end, it comes down to each individual to keep themselves healthy, safe, and fed.

Access to healthcare shouldn’t be limited to only those with good jobs, or the wealthy, or the very poor. Taking care of our environment shouldn’t be an option only if it makes sense from a financial perspective. Our public school children should be incentivized to excel at learning. No child should say “I hate school.” School should be a place where every kid is excited to go every day.

Immigration should be controlled in a way which prioritizes those who want to come here to contribute their skills and abilities to make our nation stronger, not because they believe coming to America will solve all their problems.

Finally, nobody should have to sleep on the street or under a bridge. How is anyone supposed to stay healthy and become a productive member of society if they don’t even have a place to call home? The state of California has already identified 286 state-owned properties where temporary housing could be built for people who have lost their homes and are in crisis.

People who will undoubtedly lose their jobs in the hotel, restaurant, and travel industries could be put to work building these new government-sponsored houses for families in need. Community centers could be built where people can get food, legal assistance, financial advice, train for jobs, get childcare, and other resources to get back on track.

Let’s show the world that Americans are still the best and brightest.

Laurie Hall


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