Could you afford to pay three times the property taxes you now pay?

Could you afford to pay three times the property taxes you now pay?


The Feb. 29 letter from Mr. Michael Alger, a local English teacher and unionist ("Schools and Communities First: Restoring fairness to funding"), worries me that his goal and that of his sympathizers is to repeal our stable property tax laws which, if they succeed, will have catastrophic effects ultimately raising property taxes on all of us.

Why is this a critical situation?

Their attack is planned, underway and focused. First, they have already placed a “Split Roll tax” initiative on the November ballot to gut the Proposition 13 property tax protections on commercial real estate. Proponents are short-sighted and ignorant of the facts that Californians rely on commercial property as our engine of prosperity to house businesses, stores, offices, super markets, medical offices and other uses providing jobs, goods and services.

If they are successful, billions of dollars in increasing property taxes will be passed on to everyone by higher prices on their goods and services and lower wages to local employees.

Californians are already the highest taxed in the nation.

The most dastardly second part of their two-fold major attack is planned to destabilize and triple the property taxes on our homes. This will be a financial disaster for everyone, especially for renters whose rent will skyrocket and for families, the elderly and low income people living on fixed incomes.

Make no mistake, this attack on our stable property taxes is coming in November.

It will be a coordinated, vicious and divisive election fight this year and the proponents will play every trick in the book to confuse you to get your vote. For 42 years the primary protector of our stable property taxes in California has been the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association ( I urge you to visit them, learn about the issues and support them as we do at the Napa County Taxpayers Association.

Leon Brauning


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