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David Campbell is only Napa City Council candidate with specific ideas

David Campbell is only Napa City Council candidate with specific ideas


At last I have received a political mailer that has something to say. Until now my mailbox has been cluttered with large, expensive, glossy sheets full of pretty photos and nothing on where the candidate stands on the issues. Political campaigns should be about positions on policy, not contests where those with the biggest check books win.

David Campbell, it seems, is the only candidate in District 2 to have run a substantive campaign for city council. Whereas other candidates have offered vague and confusing statements and tout their connections to the political elites of the region, David has delivered solid proposals that will protect the future of Napa and its residents.

He has argued for establishing a living wage for Napa and he has proposed specific actions to address the chronic lack of affordable housing in our city. These include rent stabilization, requiring developers to provide inclusive affordable units in the projects they undertake and incentivizing Community Land Trusts to acquire and maintain spaces for affordable housing in the city. There were no such details in the other mailers.

David argued forcefully for the immediate annexation of the largely Latinx and disadvantaged county islands that dot Napa and, in particular, for the two largest, West Pueblo/Linda Vista and Imola/Parrish. The residents of these islands are Napans in every sense of the word yet they have no voice in civic elections. What have the other candidates said on this issue? We’re still waiting to hear.

David has stated his unqualified support for “greenbelt” status for the open spaces in western Napa; Timberhill, Napa Oaks and the Ghisletta ranch. Others waffle.

I just don’t understand how some candidates get so much money and so many endorsements without taking any clear positions on policy issues. “Prioritize small business recovery” Yes, by doing what? “Too many families are being forced out of Napa because of constantly rising housing costs.” That is a simple statement of the problem – what proposals are there to address it? None, in any material I have received in the mail or at my door except from that from David Campbell.

For strong and clear policy that helps the marginalized and disadvantaged of Napa, vote for David Campbell, Napa City Council, District 2.

Oh, and David is the only candidate who has produced all of his campaign literature in both English and Spanish. The others simply disrespect 40% of our population by ignoring the Latinx community.

Donna Stadtfeld


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