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Democracy and Fascism

Democracy and Fascism

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We claim to be a democracy, which takes care of all citizens' basic needs, yet worship capitalism, which pretends that all have an equal chance to succeed ("get rich") and labels those who do not as dependent, lazy, shiftless no-goods, and – OMG – Socialists. Those who do not achieve great wealth are destined to be stuck with derogatory epithets by people like Trump, whose father gave him a nest egg of $413 million so he could become a "self-made man."

In Atlanta, my Democrat mother-in-law cast one of the votes that elected Joe Biden and two hopefuls who then gave the party control of the Senate. Democracy is mainly good, with its few warts. Nobody is perfect.

Let's now look at Fascism. Many of us will recall its introduction to Europe by Hitler in the 1930s and '40s. Its theme is strong nationalism featuring flags, slogans, symbols like swastikas, and self-praising songs. Human Rights are not needed: "We are protecting you." People are easily rallied against perceived (usually created) enemies, easily identified by their ethnicity, religion, etc., and taught to accept executions of the opposition leaders as necessary to their security.

Scapegoats are easy to find: liberals, commies, those socialists, terrorists and other groups who don't support them.

They hold elections that they label scams or unconstitutional, or just manipulate the counting of votes. They glamorize the military and give it political power. Fascism is male-dominated and women are degraded. They may use any national religion as a tool to control the masses: fear is easily invoked. Corporations very often control who gets to rule via cabals of business and political elites.

Fascists fear the organizing power of unions, which are either eliminated or suppressed. They oppose higher education which produces a class of people smarter than they are, so they tend to reject the arts and free expression. The police are given free rein to enforce laws and may be militarized. And there is widespread nepotism in most fascist regimes, friends and families protecting each other from accountability

Rereading this, I think I have described the Trump administration. Shouldn't we be more concerned that in the November election almost half of the voters went for the Fascist?

Don Richardson



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