In response to Curtis Bradford's letter "Green Dog" of Saturday, Feb. 16, in which he disparages our congressman's association with a new young "socialist" congresswoman, who, yes, is a bit hyperbolic but yet courageous and progressive, he misses the point.

Political labels-- Left or Right, Socialist or Capitalist -- are irrelevant. As CEO, president and only member of The Survival Party, I maintain that our present political policies are incompatible with human survival and must be aligned with ecological principles that will permit continued occupancy of this little planet we call Earth.

The present mandate of both parties is to maximize profits now and label any efforts to preserve a viable environment for possible future generations as "hoaxes" interfering with our rape and plunder economics. True, one party is better than the other in this regard.

Fortunately, our congressman, Mike Thompson, appears to be one of those legislators who understands simple physical principles, the difference between dirty and one-time energies, and the renewable kinds, which are already able to replace outdated and lethal power sources despite the desperate efforts of the dirty industries to continue profiteering.

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I am delighted that Mr. Bradford chooses to label Thompson a "Green Dog" instead of “Blue Dog.” It's the difference between survival and business-as-usual, which will see the human race flirting with extinction by the end of this century.

Don Richardson


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