According to a recent memo from Ron Kraft, president of Napa Valley College dated September 2018, Amy Martenson, a candidate for the College Board of Trustees and current trustee, has violated Ethics Policy 2715, citing her failure to maintain appropriate communication and decision-making channels.

As a past supporter of Amy for the College Board of Trustees, I have been disappointed in her ability to accomplish anything meaningful at the college while causing disarray on the board. According to the memo, she has proven to be inappropriate, disrespectful and disruptive. She lacks the ability to build consensus. That’s why five of the current Trustees, including Barbara Nemko, Napa County Superintendent of Schools, all five of the Napa County Supervisors and many more community leaders have endorsed Jeff Dodd,

Jeff Dodd, a candidate for District 2, has a clear record of working with people to build consensus on issues facing our community and has served on several nonprofit boards including Connolly Ranch and Community Health Initiative. His land-use experience as an attorney will greatly enhance the decisions the college makes regarding student housing. As a former student of Napa College, Jeff knows its true value to Napa residents.

Please join me in supporting Jeff Dodd for Napa CollegeTrustee in District 2 and visit his website to learn more about him. https://jeffdodd.info/

Sharon Macklin


Editor’s note: The Register asked Martenson for a response to the memo referenced by the author and she sent the following response: “The Napa Valley College Board did not find that I violated its ethics policy. Instead, an ad hoc subcommittee (led by Board Chair Mancuso) accused me of violating the policy for not “maintaining appropriate and well-defined college communication and decision-making channels,” because I emailed a professor I know to ask if synthetic pesticides are being used in the college vineyard, following up on a student inquiry.

“Although the college’s communication channels are actually not defined anywhere, nor are they addressed in Accreditation Standards, I broke an unwritten rule that Board members should not reach out to college employees for information and should only seek information from the college president. Not only is this rule unwritten, it is honored in the breach; Napa is a small community, and most of us have friends who work at the college.

“At the April 12, 2018 Board meeting, after much discussion, the Board voted 6-0 (with me recused) that the entire Board should reaffirm its commitment to the ethics policy and did not single me out in any way.

“I trust the voters in Napa to see through these political shenanigans and decide for themselves whether asking a college employee a question is unethical, especially one who is an acquaintance. “

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