I read the article from the Register Editorial Board about marijuana ("Our view: Time to listen to voters on cannabis," Aug. 26).

I agree with allowing medical marijuana , but to have the commercial push to have more people turn into "pot heads" is tragic.

It has been proven that the brains of growing teens are seriously affected when they smoke pot. Also it was found that traces of THC, the ingredient that makes you "high" from smoking marijuana, can be found in the milk of mothers, who are nursing, four to five days after they smoked and, therefore, hurting the baby.

Also, there are more intoxicated drivers on the road from using cannabis. This is very dangerous. The THC component is much stronger than it used to be years ago and, therefore, this habit of smoking is more harmful now.

The only reason the cities and counties want the marijuana business is so that they can charge taxes and profit from this action.

They don't see the tragic future of our citizens. Adults are getting dope and their kids are watching and imitating. Where is all this going?

Please, try to stop the commercial sale of cannabis. Otherwise, we will have "dopey" people all over, breaking themselves down. Moreover the smell from the smoke (secondhand smoke) is just as bad as regular cigarettes if not worse and and the smoke smells gross. I am concerned about the future.

Kerstin Hughes


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