Don't close the Yountville school

Don't close the Yountville school


Some of your readers may not be aware, but our school district is having some financial issues and has been making cuts to fix it. The district is also considering school closures, including the only school in Yountville, which has only 118 kids.

Not only does that shovel transportation costs onto the parents, not only does it add 118 more cars to traffic and the added pollution that comes with them, it is totally inconsiderate of the children, many of whom did not do well in larger schools, and whose parents chose to live in areas because of those smaller schools.

It isn't right to close the only school in Yountville. This school may only have 118 kids and not 300 or 600 like some of the larger schools, but those 118 kids still count. This is the kind of decision made when you no longer see people, only numbers.

Jason Kishineff

American Canyon

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