I am in favor of Measure C. And it seems to me that most of the vintners and growers are opposed to it. That is something that I can’t figure out.

I was a child of the Dust Bowl. It was only at the end of it, that the scientists found out that America had plowed under hundreds of miles of grasslands in the Dakotas, and their dust was what I found in Kansas in my mouth, my eyes and even in my cereal.

Today the scientists are sounding the warnings: in the next few years we will experience cycles of drought and big storms. So a grower who still wants to have good crops for the next 15 to 20 years, ought to be very protective of Napa’s water supply. Crops use 70 percent of our water, and all of our water sources are sustained by the oak woodland watersheds around us.

It is the oaks and the forest that capture, carry water into the ground, clean up the silt, and make streams, river, reservoirs and groundwater for us.

I know that there are many wealthy growers who will just sell out, and move on to Chile, or Australia, or Oregon. But what about the rest of you? People hope you will stay, and prosper. But we also hope that you can listen to the weathermen, and help preserve our water supply for a long time.

We made an Ag Preserve that has lasted 50 years. That has made us prosperous. What about the coming years? Don’t louse it up.

Ginny Simms


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